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Welcome to the architectural design competition website for the A.M. Qattan Foundation’s new Cultural Centre & Palestine Office, to be built in Ramallah. We will keep you updated as the competition develops and we invite your feedback and questions via our interactive Discussion Board.
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أهلاً بكم في الموقع المخصص لمسابقة التصميم الهندسي لمكتب فلسطين والمركز الثقافي التابع لمؤسسة قطان، الذي سيتم بناءه في رم الله. سنطلعكم على كل جديد حيث أن المسابقة لا تزال قيد التطوير ونحن نرحب بكافة تعليقاتكم وأسئلتكم عبر منتدى النقاش التفاعلي.
الرجاء تسجيل المرجعية للاستخدام في وقت لاحق. للاطلاع على معلومات اضافية حول مؤسسة قطان، اضغط هنا.
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15 Oct 2012 | ضمن مسابقة للتصميم المعماري لاختيار أفضل تصميم لمركزها الثقافي ومقر فلسطين إقرأ المزيد

AMQF Board Of Trustees Decision Statement

Dec 2012

Board of Trustees Meeting

Friday 19 October 2012

Minutes of Meetings


Present: Abdul Mohsin Al-Qattan (chair), Leila Al-Qattan, Omar Al-Qattan (secretary)


Absentees: Najwa Al-Qattan, Leenah Al-Qattan, Nadia Hijab



New Cultural Centre and Palestine Office

International Building Competition


Having received the Jury’s report and recommendations dated 19 October 2012 concerning the international competition to design the Foundation’s new Cultural Centre and Palestine Office; having attended the competitors’ presentations and viewed their proposed designs carefully; noting also that the recommended winners of the competition have chosen to work with a reputable local consultant, Sakakini Partners; and taking into account the outcome of the public consultation organised both online through a special website and an exhibition on the premises of Birzeit University (with public votes elicited through both these forums together totalling 365 for Pesquera, 272 for Donaire, 64 for Rundell and 43 for Mangado), the Board decided to accept the Jury’s recommendation and to instruct the Foundation’s executive director to commence detailed negotiations with the winners DONAIRE ARQUITECTOS, SEVILLE, and their Palestinian partner SAKAKINI PARTNERS in order to finalise contractual arrangements and launch the full design process.

The Board also thanked the esteemed members of the Jury for all their efforts and dedication, our consultant researchers and competition organisers ArchiFolio in Beirut, Lebanon, and the Board of Governors of Birzeit University for allowing us to use their premises for the exhibition of the competing entries.

Finally, the Board expressed special thanks to the public in Ramallah and Birzeit and to all the Foundation’s supporters who took part in the consultation process.

There being no other business, the meeting ended.

Next meeting: 10am GMT, Monday 29 November 2012, by videoconference.

Abdul Mohsin Al-Qattan, Chair         Omar Al-Qattan, Secretary of the Board





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Part of Donaire's winning submission exhibited at Birzeit University

Part of Donaire's winning submission exhibited at Birzeit University